Can you put bleach in a pool?

April 10th, 2011 § 0 comments

Our pool used to be swimable until our pool lady quit on us and we didnt figure it out till like 3 months later. (we never go into our back yeard since we are so busy.)
Well, we go out there one day and out pool smells like a swamp and had stuff swimming in it.(really gross).

Since then we have been using chlorine and some other stuff the lady said to buy and use and we bought some algae stuff too. So now our pool is lighter and it doesnt stink anymore since we have been scrubbing it alot and using the stuff.

But we ran out of supplys and its so expensive. So what are some alternatives to use in the pool that makes it swimable after some time?

I wanted to have the pool emptied so we can scrub it and re-fill it but its not my pool its my grandmothers and she sas that if we empty it the pool will collapse (in ground pool). Its a really old pool from like in the 90’s or before that. So would it collapse if we did what i want to do??

Its soo hot and we need the pool. Help!

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