Cost of repairing cracked/bowed cinder block basement?

March 21st, 2011 § 3 comments

I was wondering if anyone had appx cost of repairing cracked cinder block wall. There is nothing supporting the inside of the blocks. The crack is about 1-2 feet from the top of the wall (at ground level?). the top portion is bowing inward. the crack spans the entire length of the wall and about 3-4 feet into the adjoining walls. i think it has been there since 1959 when the house was built. i think it resulted from improper backfilling. also there is a 20×40 foot inground pool right behind the wall with concrete b/t the house and the pool. the crack at its widest is about 2-3 “. any suggestions on how to repair (located in western michigan), or companies to repair it , etc, are greatly appreciated. also personal stories that are similar and costs of repair would also help me get a better idea. thankyou

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