Is it safe to swim in an indoor pool with cloudy water ?

April 24th, 2012 § 2 comments

I swim daily at LA Fitness in Houston. Two weeks ago I observed for the first time that the pool water was very cloudy during my daily 45 minute swim. I started to cough quite a bit, and I had that itchy feeling on my skin. Several days later, the water was quite clear. But then again yesterday the pool was about as cloudy as you can imagine. I talked to the desk where I was told that the service people had not been there since last Friday. I got the name of the service guy and called. He said they just had taken over the service, but he could not explain what caused the cloudiness. Nevertheless, he assured me it was safe to use the pool. So today, just 12 hrs after the pool was serviced, it was as cloudy as ever, may be more so. I swam for 45 minutes, and once I got home my eyes burned and my legs felt itchy. My skin also smells funny, not like chlorine, but differently. I finally googled on cloudy pools, and what I read should have caused me not to go swimming today. Bad advise I got from the service man. How can they be this careless letting people swim under these conditions? Tomorrow I will call the Houston health department, but this being Texas, there is probably one for all of Texas. Any explanation out in Yahoo land?

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