What can you use 35% Hydrogen Peroxide for?

May 5th, 2011 § 0 comments

I know you can use it for:
• Cleaning greenhouse facilities

• Keep water lines clean

• Remove chlorine from purchased “town water”

• Keep cistern water clean

• Remove iron, sulfur and manganese from well water

• Increase oxygen levels in water and soil-whitens roots!

• Prevent algae growth

• Provide bio-security

• Reduce soil pathogens in re-cycled water from flood floors

• Concrete stain removal

• Mushroom substrate sterilization

• Seed sprouting

• Water features, ornamental fountains, bird baths, aquariums, fish ponds

• Taxidermy-bleaching skulls

• Hot tubs

• Swimming pools

• Removing mold from bathroom tile & grout

• Odour removal

• Oxygenating turf grass

• Removing algae from water

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