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August 26th, 2011 § 1 comment

Hey, I’m writing a thesis paper for my English class right now, and I need some feedback on it, please. Basically, I’m asking for help making sure that this is A. that this is indeed a thesis paper, and B. that it makes sense, and follows along smoothly. 10pts. of course to someone out there. I wish I could give more, or divide points up evenly to individuals, but that’s the way this system works. Again, thanks in advance for the feedback.

Oh, and I am allowed to write in third, or in first person, but not in second person (you/yours) Has to be about five paragraphs long, is not an announcement, and has a consistent verb tense: past, present, or future.

The Venue is a nice hotel to visit. It has a beautiful lobby, lovely beds, and best of all, great service! I feel that it is a great place to go, relax, and have a wonderful, nice long vacation every Christmas break that I get. Here I feel as if I am being treated like a king, and that life’s problems simply float away, like they were never there to begin with.

What I can appreciate about this hotel is the quality of service that I am constantly greeted with every time I arrive. Even before I step in, there is a caretaker to take my luggage in for me, to hold the door, and already make me feel like I am of royalty. I am greeted with a smile by the beautiful lady at the front desk. She always calls me by Mr. Higgins, which only helps to indulge in my already greedy appetite for the hotel and its services. No matter what, the people that work here are constantly giving me a smile, making sure my needs are met, and that I have the best experience possible while I am with them.

The food here is also fantastic. If I had another word to describe it, it would be fabulous! They use top-quality meats, grains, and vegetables for their menu items, and boy does the menu change every time I come. Never have I been unsatisfied with a meal, and they’re always sure to make it perfect, gorgeous to look at, and very tasty. The deserts often stay the same, but I usually stick with a vanilla ice cream with sprinkles, as it is definitely my favorite treat.

The activities they offer are of top-notch. Here there is an arcade, swimming pool, golfing, boating, and even a small, but very comfortable movie theater. My favorite activities are always the swimming, and watching the movies they offer, which aren’t that bad at all. While this is the majority of things they have to offer, there is one other thing that is of great interest, and that is talking to new people here! Often times I find myself in philosophical, political, or moral debates with total strangers who stay in this hotel with me. I find it relaxing, especially since the hotel has setup a special room for this ideal talking environment.

I must admit, to even myself, that it saddens me every time I must leave this beautiful, white castle of mine. I feel as if I am leaving my kingdom where I felt pampered, happy, and relaxed. I would totally recommend this to all my friends, family, and relatives because of their excellent services, and very cheap prices. Oh, and did I mention that stay five-nights, and get one free? Always a bonus, I think!

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